As a member of the Deloitte Southeast Asia Innovation Team, Christian is helping to build, manage and drive an innovation system for Deloitte’s Southeast Asian firms. As part of this effort, the team implements initiatives aimed at driving a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship across Deloitte Southeast Asia’s network of over 7,000 professionals.Christian also helps to drive the team’s Design Innovation initiatives, where he has planned and facilitated consultative Design Thinking workshops across the Deloitte Southeast Asia network, working with functions and service lines including Audit, Tax, Financial Services, Risk Advisory, Business Innovation, Finance and Human Resources.


Opening the Floodgates of Innovation: Insights from Deloitte Innovation Day

Take a quick glance around your office. What do you see? Categorically “Start-up” types in t-shirts and jeans passing bottles of craft beer around? Or “Suits”, with their collars starched to perfection, hunched over their laptops and scrambling away at emails? What would happen if we flipped these scenarios around? I for one, would love to see my accountant rock up to work in a Hawaiian Shirt; a calculator in one hand, and a piña colada in the other. But what difference would this make?