Henry Larsen is a professor in Participatory Innovation at the University of Southern Denmark, Sønderborg. He has a background as consultant using participative methods, and is informed by the thinking in Complex Responsive Processes of Relating. His research focuses on the uptake of user knowledge, that is, how can we understand the processes of negotiation within the companies when the perspectives of other stakeholders are involved. Email: hlarsen@mci.sdu.dk.

Taking Both Users and Organizations Seriously: The Development and Organization of Participatory Innovation

Participatory innovation is still a new experience to many practitioners. How do you make sure you are actually listening to users? And how do you organize your company internally to properly involve external stakeholders. Participatory innovation is the new discipline of involving users of products and services, and understanding what they are really saying, even if some of those signals are not what you want to hear or see.