Juan A. Bertolin is currently the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at espaitec, Science and Technology Park of the University Jaume I of Castellon (Spain). Juan Antonio, graduated in Physics by the University of Valencia and post doc in General Direction by Universitat Oberta of Catalonia, has spent most of his professional life, more than 15 years, as Project Manager in international consulting firms such as Accenture or national ones such as IT Deusto. He joined to the espaitec  team in 2006 with the aim of launching the new Science and Technology Park (STP) which main role is fostering the hybridation among the companies based on the STP (start-ups, spin-off, grow-up, tractors) and its connection to the Global Innovation System  providing strategies of technology surveillance and innovative project management protocols (high impact-low cost).



Convoy Model: The Dynamic Perspective of Porter’s Cluster Model

For some 20 years, regional and city based innovation and economic development policy focused on clustering, based on Michael Porter's (1990) Competitive Advantage of Nations. However, there are still those that are doubtful about whether clusters foster economic development. In this article an alternative is proposed: the convoy model. The evidence that clusters lead to successful inter-firm regional interaction is inconclusive. Is it time for a rethink?