Photograph by Sandrine Photographie(s)Klaus-Peter co-founded hypios in 2008. Relying on semantic web tools as well as Artificial Intelligence, hypios now has a broadcast reach of more than 700.000 Solvers. Today, several Fortune 500s from different industry sectors (like consumer-goods, aerospatial engineering, mining and others) regularly rely on hypios to solve their R&D problems.

Klaus-Peter lives and works in Paris, teaches a class at Sciences Po, and was an invited speaker at PDMA, Palomar 5 (Deutsche Telekom), The Masters of Innovation in European Business, as well as other companies and organizations. He regularly writes and talks about expert- and crowdsourcing, innovation and open problem-solving. Klaus-Peter’s recent publications include “Problem Description in Open Problem Solving. How to overcome cognitive and psychological roadblocks.” in A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing, edited by Paul Sloane at Paul Kogan.