Kristen Jordan Fotter brings over a decade of experience managing clients and innovation projects for Fortune 500 companies to her role as an innovation consulting leader with Brightidea. At Brightidea, Kristen manages innovation program strategy and implementation for clients including Johnson & Johnson, Tyco, Time and Walgreens. Brightidea launched the first-ever online innovation platform in 2005, designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any organization’s innovation process. Today, Brightidea’s complete product suite covers the entire idea lifecycle from initial collection through execution.



7 Tips for Outcome-Driven Innovation

While many people believe that process and structure stifle creativity - the center of gravity for sourcing and inspiring innovation – this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, planning ahead streamlines the process and surfaces any potential bottlenecks ahead of time, resulting in a program that is more apt to produce meaningful outcomes and return on investment for organizations.