Martine Hermans has a business and strategic marketing background and is currently working as a project manager at the BISS-institute in Heerlen (the Netherlands). The BISS-institute carries out excellent, fundamental and applied research in the field of Business Intelligence and Smart Services. Martine’s responsibility includes managing multidisciplinary expert teams of scientist, business experts and students, guiding innovation processes and connecting science and business to jointly innovate on digitalization and smart services challenges. E-mail:

How will Your Organization Prepare for Extreme Scenarios?

A BISS-project powered by the Service Science Factory

Rapid changes in technology, customer needs and society forces large organizations to constantly adapt to a changing context in order to remain relevant. Organizations therefore need to shift their strategy from a reactive to a pro-active approach, or in other words, they need to anticipate the future to prepare for it. Developing extreme scenarios paints a picture of the future and poses the opportunity for organizations to prepare for upcoming challenges and to make use of new opportunities.