Maxine J Horn founded and ran British Design Innovation (BDI), the trade association for designers and innovators from 1993 to January 2011. She initiated Creative Barcode and hand-picked the co-creation team in 2009 and led the soft launch in September 2010. With more than 20 years’ experience in the design, innovation and knowledge transfer sectors of the creative industries, she is a member of the UKIPO B2B Strategy Group, a pioneer of Open Innovation and an acknowledged opinion-former and author. Maxine was a runner-up in the First Women Awards 2010 for business pioneers.


Freeing up IP for Innovators: A New Role for Universities is There for the Taking

Universities and higher level research institutes need a better way of getting innovations into the market and that means taking risks earlier in negotiations. IP management systems designed for early disclosure could be the answer, argues Maxine Horn.

How to Deal with the Trust Problems Created by Open Innovation

Securing good ideas through open innovation processes and crowdsourcing is spurring differentiation and growth for companies that get it right but is it also storing up a trust problem? The development of ideas in an open environment is driving some creatives away. Maxine Horn of Creative Barcode, lights up a road to ‘open protection’ and a richer ideas environment for the enterprise.