Patrick Ferran, CEO, co-founder, Hypsous SAS

Business executive with 30 years of experience in the industry, management consulting & start-ups at GE, Sextant Avionique, Accenture, Xyleme, NineSigma. Long experience in innovation management & open innovation with NineSigma, where Patrick worked on hundreds of innovation projects across industries.

Civil Engineer, MBA, MA in Philosophy.

Contact: +33 6 80 72 90 25 |

François Bourachot, Chief Sales Officer, co-founder, Hypsous SAS

Highly skilled, multilingual professional with a strong experience in business development & product marketing in innovative, industrial & digital companies. François spent the last four years at NineSigma, a pioneer in Open Innovation, where he sold hundreds of new projects across industries, particularly in Northern Europe and German-speaking countries.

MBA in international marketing, MA in Finance and International Relations.

Contact: +33 6 60 29 89 07 |

Naveh Shetrit, CEO, co-founder, Ltd.

Business executive

19 years of experience in cross-domain innovation and product strategy, med-device, communications, start-ups, and Technology Transfer.

Engineer, MBA.

Omer Gazit, CTO, co-founder, Ltd.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer System Expert & Business executive.

17 years of experience in technical leadership, ML & complex S/W development projects, Dev team building & management, Large scale Product development, data science design & deployment.

BSc Computer Science.

One Certainty in These Uncertain Times: Innovate Through Ecosystems, or Miss the Opportunity to Radically Transform Your Innovation Strategy

Hardly no one will regret 2020, it seems. Yet, 2021 ahead is hard to predict. There are hopeful signs that pave the way for a better, stronger future, but as we have now the experience, our world can go upside down almost overnight.