Ralph has significant global business advisory and technology implementation experience, focusing on identifying where value is being created and destroyed and how to capture new sources of value. He has held a variety of leadership positions including Strategy and Transformation Leader at IBM (Middle East and Africa) and Senior Partner of Solutions and Innovation at KPMG Consulting. Ralph founded Jericho Group, an independent advisory firm focussed on business model innovation and market access, and was most recently a partner at Tapestry Networks, a stakeholder advisory firm that works with senior business and regulatory executives to govern and lead in times of systemic change. He holds a Ph.D. in cognitive science.

The Boom – Not Doom – from Market Failure

What do non-consumption, organizational friction and market failure have in common? These days, everyone is “innovating” to find the next big thing. But where do you start? One way is to try and think of innovation as having mass, and therefore it cannot be created from truly nothing. Innovation must start somewhere, and it must start with something that already exists.