Roberto Verganti is the author of “Design-Driven Innovation: Changing the Rules of Competition by Radically Innovating what Things Mean” published by Harvard Business Press in 2009. He is a Professor of Management of Innovation at Politecnico di Milano, where he directs MaDe In Lab, the laboratory for executive education on the MAnagement of DEsign and INnovation. He has been a visiting scholar at the Harvard Business School twice and is a visiting professor at the Copenhagen Business School. Professor Verganti serves on the Board of the EIASM – the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management, and on the Advisory Boards of the Design Management Institute of Boston.

Roberto Verganti is also the founder of PROject Science, a consulting institute dedicated to helping companies achieve strategic innovation. He has served as an advisor, coach and executive educator to senior managers at a variety of firms including Ferrari, Ducati, Whirlpool, Xerox, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Barilla, Nestlè, Unilever, STMicroelectronics, Intuit, Microsoft, Bausch&Lomb, Vodafone. He has also helped national and regional governments around the world to conceive design and innovation policies.

Roberto Verganti has issued more than 150 publications, which include “Developing Products on Internet Time” published on Management Science, and “Innovating Through Design” and “Which Kind of Collaboration is Right for You”, both published on the Harvard Business Review. He has been featured on BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times.


How to Create Products that Your Customers Will Love

How to create innovations that customers do not expect, but that they eventually love? How to create products and services, which are so distinct from those that dominate the market and so inevitable that make people passionate? A major finding has characterized management literature in the past decades: that radical innovation, albeit risky, is one of the major sources of long-term competitive advantage. But is that really the case? Read more in this article by Roberto Verganti, Professor of Management of Innovation and author of the book “Design-Driven Innovation.