Sam Kondo Steffensen has constantly been working with innovation, entrepreneurship, globalization and social effects of new technology for more than 20 years. His professional career includes more than 15 years in Japan working with leading industries, research institutions and public sector. Back in Scandinavia he has worked as Business Development Director at Orange/France Telecom, Chairman of the Danish Telecommunications Industry and setting-up an IT-Incubator centre in Örestaden, Copenhagen. Sam holds a M.A.-degree from Roskilde University, a Ph.d. from University of Copenhagen, a doctorate from Kyushu University, and a MBA from Copenhagen Business School. Currently Sam acts as professional board member and the CEO /co-founder of MillionBrains A/S, a next-stage innovation company, for more information please visit


Recruiting Tomorrow’s Innovative Minds

Amid news headlines of financial crisis and unemployment rates, China is moving ahead, steadily bouncing back from any dips in the country’s growth during the last two years. Multinational companies in China are bracing for a renewed talent war of job-hopping and poaching, as economic growth accelerates. Although the talent war will likely emerge first in the East, it will spread to become global as demographic shifts become more pronounced. InnovationManagement interviewed Sam Kondo Steffensen, CEO of MillionBrains, to get his perspective on how talent should be recruited and managed.