Tim Wright is Director and co founder of twintangibles a UK based management consultancy. An advisor on crowdfunding & innovation to the OECD, European Commission & Scottish Government Tim has worked for McKinsey & Co, and EZI. A past winner of the Ashridge Guardian International MBA Essay of the Year Award he has a Degree from the University of Durham, a Masters from RGU and an MBA from ULSM.

Working the Crowd – Don’t Get Lost

Utilising crowd led approaches to create value is increasingly familiar in both the literature of business comment and reporting and through our own experience. Crowdassets, as we refer to them, represent a profound and enduring source of innovation and we must adapt and respond to this opportunity. In the fourth of a series of articles focused on Innovation Culture, we are going to provide a more holistic view of the concepts as well as the means to embrace the growing opportunities presented by the crowd empowered ecosystem.