In the current digital arena, social networks have touched the lives of almost every human being on earth, allowing us to share life’s novelties with friends and loved ones. However, social networks are not restricted to sharing and commenting on pictures, but giving rise to innovation among individuals to help make our world a better place.

Social networks in the form of crowdfunding sites allow individuals to give wings to their innovative ideas for a new startup. Many online communities have also been set up to find innovative solutions for existing challenges such as: global warming, energy consumption, agriculture, space science, etc.

What kind of social networks are driving innovation?

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have already become immensely popular for setting up robust platforms for online communities and many enterprises are using them as an effective medium to innovate. However, today there are very good examples of social networks where niche communities not only find work, but also hire a development team, innovate their business, and collaborate from different corners of the world. For example:

  • Online project management tools from tech ventures such as FindNerd provide an android developer forum where tech people ideate and resolve queries as quickly as possible
  • Someone with a brilliant, innovative idea for a new mobile or web app can learn app development through social networks
  • is an online community for medical experts
  • Niche social networks and communities for video gamers such as enable sharing of brand new ideas of the next frontiers of video games.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is another great example how social networks can expand innovation among individuals. The US space agency has recently asked engineers and creative people to help it design a robotic arm for its ISS-bound free-flying robot. NASA has 6 million Twitter followers and 2.5 million Facebook fans, and such a crowdsourcing effort on social networks encourages creative minds to conceive innovative solutions for society. The space agency also shares its space mission updates and invites people on social networks to decide names of craters on various planets existing inside and outside our solar system.

The power of niche social networks

Innovation and idea generation are no longer confined to the boundaries of office buildings now that niche social networks create room for like-minded people to come together and give their input to deal with particular challenges. Idea sharing on a global scale leads to innovative solutions in a shorter period of time. Businesses now also rely on niche social networks for innovative ideas to increase their sales, establish brand value and convert prospective customers into loyal ones.

Without a doubt, social networks posses incredible potential for innovation among individuals from all walks of life. Businesses, non-profit organizations and governments also realize the efficacy of social networks in making this world a better place, which is why they are all using niche social networks to connect with people of similar interests and innovate solutions to deal with specific challenges.

By Manmohan Singh

About the author

Manmohan Singh is a digital marketing expert at FindNerd and likes to keep abreast of day-to-day advancements being made in digital technology. He is a voracious reader and likes to write on matters that impact human lives, like global warming, space science etc. The author’s hobbies comprise reading, sports activities, playing guitar and video games. He makes continuous efforts through his writing to make people aware how this world could become even a better place.

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