David Bruno is Head of Innovation for a large Swiss Bank, and the co-founder of YNOME, a transparent marketplace that rates your financial management providers and helps you assemble your own private bank. David is innovating the fintech industry and discusses how he builds trust and transparency in an industry that’s notoriously very hush-hush and filled with regulations. He also provides insights into how he builds a diverse, multifaceted team to successfully innovate for the millennial market.

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Dave Bruno is a Strategist, Visionary Thinker and Innovation FinTech scout. He is the Head  at UBS Wealth Management and the Co-Founder of Ynome, where they’re creating a fair, transparent marketplace to rate and choose your wealth management services, and assemble your own private bank. In 2014 Dave founded the Innovation Lab at UBS Wealth Management, combining business and tech talents in one team, and is leveraging the world’s largest private wealth manager as a springboard to validate a set of new strategic business model options for the industry. The team use fundamental research to pursue its four strategic 2020/2040 Future of WM Themes and bake these down into so-called whitespots, creating new product or service offerings in an Incubation/Acceleratioon model using either intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs / Fintech startups.


Mark Bidwell has extensive experience catalyzing and driving change in a variety of marketing and leadership roles at market-leading companies such as BP Oil, The Hay Group, and Syngenta, where I lhe the creation and development of a $2bn Specialty Crops business unit. Mark’s initial exposure to disruptive innovation involved launching London’s first home-delivery supermarket, followed by introducing the first web-based consulting product to European clients in 1995, which formed the basis of a business that today generates revenues approaching $150m.

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