When Céline Schillinger looked around her workplace she saw that the system didn’t value the diversity of competencies that different people could bring. They were being wasted. The system was focusing on a very narrow bandwidth of talents and always promoted the same kind of people, coming from the same background, and with the same kind of thinking. She decided to do something about it. Céline was called a troublemaker by her bosses, but thanks to her passion to grow and improve on rigid corporate systems, she was awarded Woman of the Year — La Tribune Women’s Awards in 2013. Céline is now the Head of Quality Innovation & Engagement at Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of the multinational pharmaceutical company Sanofi.

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Céline Schillinger was portrayed in Forbes as “a driver of some of the most award-winning and buzz-worthy employee initiatives at Sanofi Pasteur.” Celine directs Innovation and Engagement for Global Quality at Sanofi Pasteur’s vaccine division. A leader in collaborative projects for business and organizational transformation, Schillinger has been recognized multiple times for her innovative engagement initiatives in the pharmaceutical world: Most Impactful Emerging Initiative (2015), Best Use of Social Media for Healthcare (2014), and French Businesswoman of the year (2013). Her career spans communications, business operations, HR, marketing, and social engagement across Asia, Europe, and now the United States.

Mark Bidwell has extensive experience catalyzing and driving change in a variety of marketing and leadership roles at market-leading companies such as BP Oil, The Hay Group, and Syngenta, where I lhe the creation and development of a $2bn Specialty Crops business unit. Mark’s initial exposure to disruptive innovation involved launching London’s first home-delivery supermarket, followed by introducing the first web-based consulting product to European clients in 1995, which formed the basis of a business that today generates revenues approaching $150m.

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