We can all see that global commerce has evolved, innovative excellence has advanced and entrepreneurialism has accelerated. Just to make things more interesting, all of this change happened extremely rapidly. But how about our own intelligence? Are we really smart enough for 2017 and beyond? Ambition encourages us to reach for success, so let’s test our own entrepreneurial intelligence to see if we’re up to the challenges of 2017.

First, some context:

The world has awakened; innovative excellence and entrepreneurial supremacy is now poised to quadruple the exportability of goods and services and create massive prosperity. The situations in Greece and Italy, along with Brexit and Trumpization are not accidents. They’re the result of years of the population’s silent cries now becoming audible. Deniers are being wiped out at the polls and many more regime toppling elections may be underway.

In approximately 1000 days we will arrive at 2020;  if we were to look back over the last 20 years from this vantage point—back to the year 2000 when we began the 3rd millennia—during this time we made little or no actual progress on worldwide economic fronts, especially in developed economies, except perhaps the sky-high towers of debt.

Test one: the plugged society

The Crown: To crown our civilization with the highest award of supremacy for innovation excellence there is only one single achievement of mankind that surpasses all the other earth shattering advances of the last 2000 years; from firecrackers to a-bombs, steam to stealth flying wings, or abacus to tablet.  Nothing comes even close to the power, value and summative functionality of the phenomena we all know as the Internet.

  • It’s a powerful tool that can bring governments and super powers to their knees.
  • It’s beneficial to the entire global population and it provides a means for economic growth.
  • It’s easy to use, free and always alive, constantly growing, unstoppable and omnipresent.
  • It’s the ultimate assembly of ‘knowledge’ and is instantly delivered in a usable form by Homo-erectus.

It’s the greatest gift from America to the world, and we are only now, decades after its creation, ushering in a brand new era.

Knowledge Plug: With 1001 newly plugged devices connecting every second around the world, we are all part of this new universal, freely accessible knowledge. And now, we are even biologically and mentally dependent on it—craving the knowledge transfusion to our blood stream of imagination.  It is critical to stay soft-wired to this “Knowledge Plug” as a master survival strategy. Witness the intensity of withdrawal symptoms when our gadgets and connections are taken away—eventually we’ll need straight-jackets.

The alpha-dreamers; five billion people connected online around the world is a very powerful sound, inaudible to the deaf media and mute political punditry, but their recent murmuring is resulting in a new global thunder capable of toppling administrations. Global wisdom hidden in the entrepreneurial pragmatism and global collaborative efforts are aggressively taking over.

The Internet of Things; The notion of IOT or “Internet of Things” is old fashioned talk; there is no such thing as ‘Internet’ with ‘things’. When was the last time we strapped a banana to our mobile phone, mounted our laptop on a horse or inserted our tablet into an air-conditioner? The Internet of the past is what typewriter used to be before it was taken over by word processing. The term Internet is already ‘eighties talk’, old and slow and now with the notion of things attached is like the floor of the old Radio Shack store in the year 2000, where there were dozens of gadgets hopelessly trying to connect to each other. Things have changed big time in the last few years. We are now into universal knowledge.

It’s not that important how much education we have.  What is important is how smartly we are plugged into this universal knowledge. Here are the test questions for new players claiming to be part of the innovative economic growth and entrepreneurial excellence.

How well adjusted and exposed are you in the knowledge-plugged society?
How well can you deploy the power of today’s shared knowledge?
How many models of value creation and prosperity generation can you articulate?
How can you demonstrate global leadership qualities during a time of metamorphosis?

Test two: the certification of incompetence

There is nothing wrong with incompetency; it is a serious liability when hidden and a gift when discovered and understood.

There is nothing wrong with incompetency; it is a serious liability when hidden and a gift when discovered and understood. Identify, isolate and certify. Incompetencies at times have merits. Old experiences at times have great value. The real dangers are traditional political correctness and corporate decorum that hide all, prolong agony and justify poor performance.

The entrepreneurial mind is constantly cognizant of one’s own incompetency, but will still toy with it while taking big and small risks and twining failures into powerful ropes. The academic and bureaucratic mind is more dependent on business plans, case studies and endorsement of peers and terribly frightened of failures and therefore freezes when called to action, allowing fermentation of prolonged incompetency.

Bureaucratic seniority is the proof of incompetency. Check around for proof. Anyone who is on the economic development front who is doing exactly what they did last year is already deemed incompetent.

This is a new world. Clinical Psychology and related Neuroscience disciplines, the school of coaching, and the rest have yet to tackle such issues so boldly because they too come from the same academic molds. The world of mental performance measurements must answer to the role of technocalamity or hide in the comfort of their own emotional malfunction.

Technocalamity will verify more than billion corner office executives ineffective by 2020

To entrepreneurs all this psychological and mental measurement mumbo jumbo is crazy. To start with, extreme entrepreneurialism itself is crazy. Only crazy people sleeping on air-filled mattresses created Airbnb.  Their craziness, initially joked at, also resulted in acquiring the world’s highest market evaluation in the hospitality industry, while the old genuine wisdom of the carriage trade remained stuffed within their monolithically grand hotels.  There are millions of such crazy examples that became local or global legends and most came out of crazy and incompetent starts. Incompetency must come up at the forefront and be juxtaposed with education and talent to create a new dimension and a new standard of performance.

How nice it is to know if we are actually a trained jumbo pilot and fit for the cockpit or just a frequent flyer pretending to be a pilot. Now we know why the economical agendas come crashing down and why the smoke of corporate fiascos linger.

Consider this:

  • The top 100 earth shattering business models were developed by people without any formal training and by those who did not care for their special competence or failures but only sought grand results.
  • It’s the deeper study of physical and mental limitations and incompetencies that isolates hidden powers and ensures gold medal victories in the Olympics.
  • Every smart leader of today will eventually become incompetent during the next decade unless a regimented program to continuously improve performance is followed. Cavemen were shown no mercy and were forced to accept the wheel. When skyscrapers arrived, people learned how to push elevator buttons. Now there are 100 new buttons in need of understanding or we end up on the wrong floor.

How comfortable are you with your own level of competency?
How can you showcase your hidden and untapped talents?
How much are you willing to openly discuss and debate?
How fearless are you for the greatest future rewards hidden in this process?

Test three: speed of execution in the global age

The new global age has no tolerance for sluggish performance. In the new global age speed of execution demands mental stamina to get aligned with the new ground realities of simultaneous speed of innovation with prosperity synchronization.

Here are the two main reasons why the following types of people must be replaced, immediately:

Here ,smartness is not defined by higher IQ, but by other higher standards of emotional and behavioral quotients and tactical engagement.

TYPE ONE: working hard; in creating innovative growth and extreme excellence, hard work has little or no value in this new global age.  It’s all about real smart work; here smartness is not defined by higher IQ, but by other higher standards of emotional and behavioral quotients and tactical engagement.

Hard workers are very busy processing what they did weeks or years ago, locked into traditional procedural thinking and believing in being busy. Technocalamity indicates leadership must learn to think, to adopt new free technologies to catapult operations in innovative excellence and growth. Lacking this wisdom and old style thinking of ‘a solid day full of extreme hard work’ mentality will hurt them even more and hard work alone will become a burden.

TYPE TWO: too busy; busy people suffer from busylepsy; a medical condition where unnecessary work is sequenced in a way to stretch all the available time to extreme limits of possibilities and artificially creating the feeling of importance. Real leaders are never too busy, they always demonstrate advanced level management skills and manage and delegate tasks with superb speed. They get results. Everyone has 24 hours each day. Every office manager and President-elect Trump have only 24 hours each day. Study this difference deeply.

Consider this:

  • The global consortiums of academically driven thought leadership responsible for the mental gymnastics of coaching and psychological wisdom for performance measurement tools have not yet arrived at this stage.
  • Some one billion additional white collar jobs will become redundant due to massive automation and the great flood of 2020 will seek out those “who change, advance and deploy global age skills” over those who are, “very, very busy, do-not disturb, employment security seekers.”
  • During the last decade, the majority of big businesses around the world lost their market share; they all worked tirelessly but they worked less on innovative thinking and global age deployments and facing technocalamity.

Today, the world already offers hundreds of brand new, free technologies to transform any organization into a global age player. We need the right players with thinking and deeper understanding capabilities and not just hard and busy workers. Here is a test of smartness for key players in innovative growth & entrepreneurial excellence.

How can you quadruple your performance with only 25% of the work time?
How can you justify your position by deploying advanced level execution for your entire organization? 

How can you prove your worth ten times over your current pay rate?
How can you justify hooking a hammock in your office today and take the rest of the week off?

Test four: the supremacy of presidential entrepreneurialism

Trumpization: For the first time in US history, the White House will be occupied by a non-politician and some type of a world-class entrepreneur; the world awaits a major entrepreneurial and economical policy showdown delivered in clear and bold ‘trumytone’ on January 21st 2017.

No other experiment of human endeavor has been as successful as America. America is the only nation on the planet that can still showcase real world-class examples of revolutionary entrepreneurial thinking and bring about a major change and uplift people’s dreams. Any policy to help this front will produce great results and grassroots happiness within USA and also across the world. Many aggressive nations are watching the American entrepreneurial revival with great interest.

A great America is also great for the world. What do we have to impress the Presidential Entrepreneurialism and make our country great again? The world is waiting for us, are we ready? Trumpization demands new global age skill sets and asks for the brightest and smartest entrepreneurs to stand up and be counted. This is something previous administration so disparagingly tried to ignore–the small and medium enterprise owners were basically abandoned. Read more in my column, Innovation, Suffocation & Trump Nation.

How can you demonstrate your own entrepreneurial supremacy?
How can you showcase an almost turnkey game changer model with minimal resources?
How can you demonstrate ‘soft power asset management’ over hard asset centricity?
How can you attract the attention of Presidential Entrepreneurialism from the White House?

The test results

If we get 50% of all the questions answered in our favor we will be very, very successful in 2017.
At 25% we will survive but at 75% we are poised for big prosperity and our work will get some great global attention…well done!

About the author

Naseem Javed, founder of Mentorian Worldwide and Expothon Strategy which is gaining global attention on the national entrepreneurial leadership and innovative excellence fronts. Naseem is currently conducting senior level round tables on quadrupling innovative excellence and exportability. LinkedIn:

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