If you are an HR expert, think of how secure your job would be if you were dealing with fully-satisfied employees. If your team members love and enjoy their posts, you will love yours as well. As stubborn as some employees can be, most of them would like it if you appreciate their efforts regularly. A happy employee will be productive and efficient, no question about that.

Here are some ways companies can implement better HR to satisfy employees:

1. Employee Orientation

One of the best and easiest ways of ensuring all your employees are satisfied is by pleasing them from the day one on the job. Make expectations clear and attainable during the orientation process. The mistake many people make is that they do not tell the new employees their expectations; as a result, employees might feel frustrated and eventually quit. In order to reduce turnover and increase positive attitudes, you need to have proper onboarding.

2. Positive work environment

You need to ensure that your workplace is upbeat. If you do not offer a positive working environment, then do not expect your employees to be confident. A positive environment has a team of people who encourage one another, provide positive feedback, and give each other positive criticism. Such an environment ensures employees interact well and thrive at their work. Also, you might benefit from doing a training on how to handle tough co-workers. Sometimes, an employee with a combative personality might be great at their trade. If they are a very valuable asset, you might want to help them correct their behavior instead of firing them. Everyone benefits from the correction.

3. Competitive benefits

Giving your employees fair wages is a good idea, but if you want to satisfy your workforce, offer them competitive benefits as well. The problem of providing small benefits is that they will start looking for jobs in companies that are far more generous. To satisfy all your employees, give them benefits like insurance, flexible time, and paid holidays. By doing so, you will have a better chance of retaining most of your employees for a longer time. Investing in good PTO tracking software for the company can enhance those benefits by gamifying paid time off. A PTO tracking software allows employees to see the number of days they have been away from work, how many they have left, and how many they have earned through perfect attendance.

4. Recognition and rewards

Employees feel motivated when their boss acknowledges their work. It does not necessarily have to be public recognition. As the boss, it is your responsibility to ensure the supervisors and managers recognize the employees on a daily or weekly basis. You can also come up with a company program to identify top performers in all departments. Creating healthy competition boosts the morale of the employees, and they end up working harder and more efficiently.

5. Keep track of job satisfaction

Never relax and think that all your employees are satisfied. Provide random surveys, either online or through mobile phones, to learn how employees feel about different things in the company. By doing this, you end up reducing turnover and saving money by being specific in solving a problem. The surveys help you know exactly where the issue is. To ensure your employees are happy, tackle all problems immediately.

6. Workforce engagement

Employees who do not enjoy their jobs or feel like their contribution is not helpful to the company are rarely engaged in their work. For an employee to become involved, he or she needs to feel like they are part of something bigger than their own tasks. Since employee engagement is essential in any business, make sure you involve all your employees in the setting of goals and coming up with ideas to grow your business. Increased engagement and satisfaction motivates employees to work harder to achieve company goals.

It also helps to be festive in the office. It’s okay to set up decorations on the walls and in the foyer during holidays like Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and New Year. Invest in some artificial Christmas trees and patriotic flags to hang up at different times of the year. This creates a fresh change in the office and helps employees feel excitement for a holiday (and some time off from work).

7. Reduce commuting stress.

Due to heavy traffic on the roads, chances of employees getting to the office late are high. To be able to curb such a problem, ensure your employees understand their goals and let them work from home. The advantage of allowing your employees to work from home is that you minimize costs, save time, and create flexibility. In case you need to communicate with an employee, you can teleconference or call them into the office for a day.


The job of an HR professional is challenging because it is his or her responsibility to make sure everyone is happy with their job. Make HR a bit easier by setting some of these systems in place and letting the results follow.

By Dennis McKonkie and Kevin Faber