Annouk Lievens is a Professor of Marketing at the University of Antwerp, Belgium and chairwoman of the Marketing Department. Her research centers on service innovation management, knowledge creation and organizational communication within services organizations. She has published in journals such as the International Journal of Service Industry Management, Journal of Product Innovation Management, European Journal of marketing, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Management Studies, The Journal of Business Research and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Should I Talk About My Co-creation Partners?

Research and practice have investigated firms’ benefits of co-creation with external stakeholders, such as more creative ideas, reduced development costs, and improved product quality. However, little is known about how consumers perceive products and their firms that communicate about such co-creation activities. Using two experimental studies, we investigated how consumers’ knowledge about the involvement of different types of stakeholders during the innovation process changes the adoption of new products.

Stakeholder Co-Creation: The firm as an orchestrator in innovation projects

Nowadays, firms simultaneously include a higher variety of different stakeholders than ever before in their innovation process. Such a diverse collective brings in different perspectives and competences, yet, also poses new challenges for firms. This article presents insight into the capabilities required for a leading firm in a stakeholder co-creation project, acting as a conductor of an orchestra of stakeholders.