Bengt-Arne Vedin, PhD, is Professor emeritus in innovation management, now affiliated with the Department of Industrial economics and management at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. After practicing innovation and entrepreneurship, resulting in a handful patents, he has been into innovation studies since the mid-1970′ with professorships at the Royal Institute of Technology and Mälardalen University, also serving as a guest professor at Kasetsart University in Thailand and Universitat de Girona in Spain. Bengt-Arne has consulted for large and small firms as well as organizations such as the US National Academy of Engineering and the OECD, and has served on some fifteen corporate boards of directors. His research is geared at innovation, IT, and futurology in various combinations, most recently at design-inspired innovation. He is now working on his book no 71 on that theme.

Introducing Ynnovation

If you were to visit a Catalan village or town festivity, celebrating something like Midsummer, you may be struck by a seemingly odd scene: people dancing around a pile of ladies’ handbags, with some small kids topping the pile...

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New Opportunities with Metovation

The indulgent reader of my columns has already met the concepts of mesovation and exovation, and now I’m going to introduce yet another neologism: metovation. Meto- in metovation stems from the prefix meta- where I for easier pronunciation exchanged o for a. Meta is of Greek language origin and stands for the next higher level of abstraction.

In Search of Failure – Designing for Failure?

Who would be searching for failure? Failures just happen, though we always hope to avoid them. A vile thing, a vile word, no? Read more in this weeks' column by Bengt-Arne Vedin, PhD and Professor emeritus in innovation management. And why not joining in helping Bengt-Arne improving the article by joining the discussion?

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Exovation – the flip side of innovation

"It is unlikely that you have ever met the concept of exovation before; I invented it in April 2008. Invented? Yes, indeed – even if a Google search obtains a couple hundred hits; but they have nothing to do with the concept as I have defined it. You will see, presently." Read more in this weeks´ column by Bengt-Arne Vedin, PhD and Professor emeritus in innovation management.

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