Dr Bettina von Stamm, founder of the Innovation Leadership Forum, has been an original and visionary thinker in the field of innovation since 1992. She very much enjoys her role as a stimulator, provocateur, inspirator and catalyst to enable different ways of thinking around, understanding, and enabling innovation. In addition to public speaking, delivering bespoke as well as custom workshop and seminars Bettina contributes to executive and post graduate programmes at prestigious universities and organisations throughout the world.

Fun and Games – Changing the World of Innovation Assessments

Innovation Assessment is one of the pillars of an innovation program. Evaluation should be done as an on-going activity and revised with the most valuable feedback gathered along the entire innovation journey. In the third of a series of articles focused on Innovation Culture, we are going to propose a different approach for Innovation Assessment that by offering a different user experience could increase awareness, engagement and elicit more valuable contributions from key stakeholders.