Cesar Malacon writes and consults in strategy and innovation development. Having lived in North America, The UK, South-East-Asia and Central Asia, he is a principal consultant for the consulting firm Applica Partners, working with corporations and governments. He holds an MBA from The University of Warwick, U.K.  An elected member of the council of the Strategic Management Forum, currently advocating innovation through the new business philosophy “Bright Path Innovation”. He researches, practices, writes and teaches business. Life is better with music. And dogs.

Digging into Your Consumers’ Needs, with Naivety

In an inspiring conversation with Terese Alstin, co-founder of Hövding, the invisible helmet company, Cesar Malacon highlights the innovator’s ability to remain naïve when developing new products and introduces a contemplative approach to find consumers’ real needs.

7 Key Decisions Behind Innovation Success. A Roadmap to Master Innovation

As innovation practitioners, few of us would refute that decision-making is one of the biggest progress-halting problems in corporations pursuing innovation as a continuous process. This article introduces a hands-on tool to help innovators, management members and corporate boards to follow a visual, utterly practical method to “consider” (as opposed to evaluate) new projects and their possible implications in their companies’ future. The tool in turn, fosters lean communication and inclusive understanding among diverse participants, claiming that, by following its structure, innovation is not only possible, but repeatable.