Emma Hughes, VP & Managing Director, Europe, yet2.com. She has been with yet2 since 2000 and manages the European region, generating new business and delivering on technology exploitation/acquisition licensing and innovation projects for many Global 1000 and SMEs across Europe. Emma has worked on a wide range of IP consulting projects, in biomedical, material sciences and consumer product areas. Work has included technology and technology need identification and evaluation, marketing and target strategy development and furthermore generating and facilitating cross-industry/regional connections for licensing deal activities. Since graduating with a BA Honours degree in the Healthcare field, Emma has gained over 15 years of business and management experience, working in business development, marketing, operations, and contract management positions. Emma utilizes her technology transfer experience and European network to drive technology acquisition and exploitation for yet2’s global clients, facilitating business development through technology transfer.


Corporate Open Innovation Portals, Part II: Two Successful Case Examples

Jos Tissen of Unilever, based in the Netherlands, and Shawn Heipp of Elmer’s Products, based in Ohio, USA, have something in common. Each manages his company’s corporate innovation portal, the website used to encourage technology solution submissions from external customers, suppliers, inventors, and businesses. Tissen and Heipp describe their unique portal implementation choices and their results to date.

Corporate Open Innovation Portals: An Active Part of an Open Innovation Strategy

As part of the Open Innovation movement, many companies now actively solicit technical solutions, products and business ideas from innovators, customers, suppliers, and the broader marketplace of technology providers. Some companies have begun utilizing structured innovation submission programs, typically implemented through their corporate websites. This article, the first in a two-part series, helps companies understand Collaborative vs. Direct Portals, and the importance of IP-anti-contamination and efficient filtering in choosing the best innovation portals for their unique situations.