Emma Pivetta is a Sociologist specialized in trends analysis, market research, end-users behavior and communication. She’s been working in open innovation processes, end -users inclusion and trends analysis into several fields, like the analysis  of opinions and cultural consumption trends of public attending to various events and cultural performances, as well as the analysis of the reception of several European policies and programmes by their end-users. She has published several articles about sociology, trends for technical devices introduction into the market and international issues. Emma has also participated in conferences and seminars with papers and presentations related to innovation, trends and EU policies. She’s actually working in R&D projects development  and technology transfer and  she’s also teacher for trends and consumption issues in a business school in Barcelona.

Innovation: Understanding the Strategic Role of the End-users

How do you go about incorporating end-user viewpoints into innovation? Indeed should you? There's a debate around both questions but whichever side of the fence you are on, social science has a role to play in understanding how end-users can and should influence product development. Emma Pivetta I Contreras describes the techniques.