Frank is a Strategic Innovation Consultant @Culturevate, empowering client’s employees to execute ideas and inspire innovative cultures. The organization offers innovation training (developed in association with some of the world’s leading universities); a SAAS-based portal of innovation materials, tools and templates; along with consulting focused on engaging employees around innovation. Frank has more than 15 years experience in empowering organizations to be much more innovative such as AB Inbev, Medtronic, Huntsman and Philips. He strongly believes in a holistic approach combing hard elements (Strategy, Process and Organization) and soft elements (People and Culture). He has a Master of Engineering from the KU Leuven, Belgium.


The (Non)Sense of Employee-Focused Innovation Training

A lot has been written about Innovation Training in the recent past. At Culturevate, we clearly see the sense of such training, but there are some important conditions that needs to be met for these efforts to generate long-term impact for an organization. Not all companies understand these conditions, which often leads to mediocre results and missed opportunities. One extra difficulty is that a good Innovation Training should be driven by and aligned with several functional parts of a large corporate organization.