Gaia Grant, is the co-author of “Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get It Back?” (Jossey Bass / Wiley), and Founder and Executive Managing Director of Tirian International consultancy. Gaia has worked extensively with a range of clients assisting with in creative development and innovation through coaching, workshops, facilitating, consulting and keynote delivery. Some of Gaia’s executive clients include: BASF, Four Seasons Hotels, JP Morgan, Baker & McKenzie, Newmont Mining, Optus, & Visa Card.

Boosting the Brain’s Creative Powers & Creating the Best Environment for Innovation

Creative thinking can be trained, and an environment for innovation can be purposefully built. Often plagued by a sense of urgency and pressure the modern office does not appear to be the ideal incubation opportunity for innovation – and yet there are strategies that can be used to defy the odds. So just how do we maximise the brain’s neurological capabilities in the midst of the busy contemporary working environment?