George Leal Jamil, the Post-Doctor by University of Porto, Doctor in Information Science (UFMG – Brazil), Master in Computing Science (UFMG – Brazil), Electrical Engineer (UFMG – Brazil). Consultant, Post-graduation Teacher and writer, with papers, chapters and books published in Brazil, Portugal and USA. Expertise Areas: Strategy, Information systems, Knowledge management, Innovation management. Associated consultant of CONTINUE TO GROW.

Market Intelligence Oriented Culture: a Key Driver for Innovation

It is always a great achievement when we can affirm that something has been done according to one strategic plan, goal or thought. Sound strategic planning capabilities depend on industry/sector specific understanding and full perception of the external competitive environment. In the sixth and last of a series of articles focused on Innovation Culture, the focus is on a process called Market Intelligence (MI). This process can be affirmed as a cyclic, continuous organizational process that deals with dispersed data, information and knowledge in a competitive sector, to produce knowledge to be applied by companies in their strategic marketing planning.