Dr. Greg McLaughlin is Sr. Vice President at Global Targeting. Greg brings a broad set of analytical, research and practical expertise on Innovation strategy and deployment. He held a number of Executive positions and has a strong set of international business advisory experiences. Greg has a D.B.A from Nova Southeastern University, a M. S. degree in Statistics and a B.S. in Meteorology from the Florida State University. Greg is a Senior Master Black Belt.

Why is Innovation so Often “Hit or Miss?”

This question has baffled many executives for quite some time. Management tries to replicate the special event or circumstances that created a successful innovation project but often fails. Companies have created positions such as Chief Innovation officer, innovation teams, and organizational strategies that promote innovation through diversity, team dynamics, and social networking. However, failure rates of 90% are common when innovations occur due purely to chance. What distinguishes whether an innovation is hit or miss?