Martin Duval, CEO of bluenove, a consulting firm specialized in Open Innovation he founded in 2008.From 2001 in Telecom at Orange, he headed different management positions in innovation and business development. In 2000, he opened the Swedish fund Speed Ventures in France. He also spent 3 years in Consulting at Cambridge Technology Partners. He started in the aerospace industry at Eurocopter (EADS) first based in Dallas and later in charge of Scandinavia.



10 Prospects and Trends for Open and Collaborative Innovation

Over the last 5 years, Open Innovation has been evolving quite a lot in the ways it can be defined and implemented. Rather than proposing one more definition or describe one specific way to approach it, here is a set of trends I foresee based on the numbers of projects I have been involved in and the evolution of needs from organizations, would they be major corporations, SMEs or Public Services.