Nick De Mey is the co-founder of Board of Innovation, a consulting company with specialists in intrapreneurship programs, business model innovation & design thinking.The focus of Board of Innovation is to develop startup-like innovation incubators in a corporate landscape. Amongst others, Board of Innovation has helped companies like Roche, Thomson Reuters, SAPPI & ING to channel internal innovative capacity with success. Nick has a mixed background in industrial design, digital tech & innovation management.

Why Your Best Innovators Leave Your Company – at the Worst Possible Moment

Meet John. He worked in a company with a corporate strategy office but no innovation department. When our firm ran an innovation workshop at John’s company, he took to innovation like a duck to water. Unfortunately, the company’s innovation culture didn’t evolve quickly enough for John, which left him feeling stifled. He ended up leaving the company to pursue innovation full-time.