A product designer evolved into a business strategist, Nicole Chen specialises in the application of design principles and practice to the solving of complex business challenges. As an avid advocate of the fusion between human-centered design process and business thinking, Nicole has extensive experience in developing new product and service concepts and bringing them to market, and in designing business strategies that create true market and social value.

Nicole was the founding employee of the San Francisco office of Idea Couture, a strategic innovation and experience design firm headquartered in Toronto. She contributes to Idea Couture’s strategic innovation projects as a Sr. Innovation Strategist. Her previous experience includes innovation consulting for global clients representing industries such as CPG, consumer electronics, financial services, and telecommunications; and the product development and marketing of digital media solutions for Fortune 500 brands.

Nicole holds an MBA degree from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco and a Bachelor of Science in Product Design from Stanford University.

Nicole tweets about design and innovation at @nychen.

4 Steps to Design-Inspired Innovation: A Primer on Design Values For Business Leaders

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Sustainable Innovation: Balancing Inspiration with Execution

Inspiration. Creativity. Meaning. Purpose. Human-centeredness. These terms are at the forefront of the very lively discussion around what design can bring to business and innovation -- and they are extremely powerful. Nicole Chen asks if design thinkers have thought enough about their new role.