Niklas Bakos is VP of Tapit, leaders in delivering brand content to consumer phones via NFC. Bakos’ background resides in the gaming sector having worked with international mobile games publishers Glu Mobile and Namco Bandai. His current focus is on developing campaigns that transform static physical objects and environments into an ecosystem of interactive gateways that effortlessly connect people to rich digital information on their phones. He collaborates with companies in the EMEA across a broad range of sectors including governments, retailers, telecommunications and media owners, helping them leverage their brand messages using the NFC technology.


Tap here for a Smooth Experience

As innovative brands acknowledge that content is the currency they trade for consumer attention, the big question is how best to leverage this content. To date out-of-home media to shelf talkers have relied on consumers spending a certain degree of time and effort ‘grabbing’ their content. Near Field Communication (NFC) marketing is about to change that as it introduces a disruptive new way of grabbing and sharing content, with a simple tap of technology.