Pejvak Oghazi is associate professor and head of Logistics Program at Sodertorn University, School of Social Sciences. He holds an MSc in Industrial and Management Engineering in addition to a PhD in Industrial Marketing from Lulea University of Technology in Sweden. Prior to his current position, Dr. Oghazi worked as an industrial manager at national and international level. Dr. Oghazi’s current research interests revolve around topics in Business studies. His research has been published in internationally renowned academic journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Venturing insights, Psychology and Marketing and the Service Industries Journal among others. His work is also regularly presented at international academic conferences.


What are Circular Business Models (CBM)?

Shortly, the demands and needs of approximately nine billion people will be about three times the current resources. At this time challenges will accelerate for the deficiencies of resources and enormous production of waste. Circular Business Models (CBM) is the solution for not only improving resource management and decreasing waste production but also reducing costs and expanding firm performance.