Robert DiLoreto is Managing Partner for Chasm Innovations, a business development and strategic consulting firm.  Robert has over 20 years building major markets for disruptive technologies in the US and internationally. Chasm Innovations helps disruptive technology clients validate, position and partner with open innovation executives within Global 2000 companies. Robert leverages a process he developed named “Initiatives-Selling” to proactively engage with “C-Suite” executives. The process first identifies the major initiatives that have open innovation sponsorship, followed by the ability to communicate a unique value proposition and partnership strategy, targeting the initiative.



How to Accelerate Open Innovation Initiatives with Disruptive Technology

Global companies focused on open innovation can accelerate corporate innovation strategies by partnering with a select set of early stage, disruptive technology providers. The result can accelerate open innovation initiatives to fulfill existing market needs or to access new market opportunities while leveraging intellectual resources from outside your organization.