The most successful businesses and corporations in the world place employee satisfaction on the same pedestal as customer satisfaction. These corporations understand that without a loyal, creative, and cohesive team of satisfied employees, success cannot be attained.

Every single employee has a unique role in your company’s growth and success. Creativity is at its peak when employees have the confidence that their voices are truly being heard and their opinions are valued. Your employees will have a vested interest in the company’s success when they are paid fair wages, receive ample time off, work in a vibrant and positive work environment, and are encouraged to bring their ideas to the table.

Here are some common ways to boost morale and productivity while also avoiding the common creativity killers in the office.

Encourage Creative Thinking

The single biggest detriment to creativity is negativity in the office. When you elect to do everything by the book and refrain from opening the door to innovative and exciting new ideas from your employees, you stifle enormous amounts of potential for your business to thrive.

The biggest path to success in your business is to let the voices of your employees be heard. You do not have to act on every suggestion or whim an employee has, but if your staff knows they can present ideas in a safe and welcoming space without judgment or criticism, they will have the confidence to share their ideas and thoughts freely.

When you show gratitude for the input and appreciation for their willingness to share their ideas, your employees will take an active role in company growth.

Transparency is another way to foster creativity with your staff. When you make yourself approachable and share any potential problems or pitfalls with your staff, you bridge the gap between management and employees in a way that ignites teamwork.

People naturally love to solve problems, so if your employees can help in this manner, their confidence will soar. When confidence soars, creativity and productivity will flow in to the work environment freely.

Avoid Time Pressure

Strict deadlines and mandated shifts will stifle the creative juices around the office. Research shows that demonstrated flexibility in the workplace leads to incredible growth. When you remove pressure and stress from the work day and trust that your employees will complete their work, they will deliver amazing results and in less time than if specific rules and rigid restrictions are in place. Offering flexible hours, unlimited time off, generous employee benefits and work-from-home opportunities all decrease stress and anxiety in the office.

Embrace Diverse and Collaborative Culture

When you choose to hire people from all walks of life and with different cultural backgrounds and work-related experiences, you create the ideal business environment. Without diversity, ideas become stagnant and morale takes a nosedive. Unorthodox and innovative ideas can change the entire direction of your company.

When you bring together unique personalities, you ignite transformation through brainstorming. Creativity comes from teamwork, and one idea leads to another idea, which then leads to action and seeing a vision come to fruition. Like-minded people share the same like-minded ideas. If you want to grow and set your business apart from others in your industry, you need to welcome uniqueness, quirkiness, and diverse people into your office.

Get the Person in the Right Role

While this may seem counterintuitive and managerial, when you put employees in the proper role within your company, they thrive. Take the time to really learn about your employees. Ask them what they feel are their best and worst characteristics. Assess their work in different roles around the office.

When a person is most comfortable at work, their creativity and productivity grows exponentially. Everyone has his or her own unique set of strengths. When you match the strengths to the roles, you end up with happy employees who love their jobs. You should also aim to automate any boring and repetitive tasks as much as possible with business software; this will help avoid burn out.

Give Positive Feedback

This step seems like it should be obvious, but much of the stagnancy in the workplace comes when employees are not being recognized for their input and achievements. Whether you choose to publicly praise your employees or privately compensate them, it is vital to the success of your company to give positive feedback and encouragement. Always be aware when an employee is going above and beyond the call of duty, and commend them for their efforts.

Your staff looks to you to lead with confidence, positivity and encouragement each day. When you are putting your best face forward and actively looking to minimize the silent creativity killers that drain the workplace, you foster an abundance of creativity which leads to ideas and innovation. This leads to immeasurable business growth and success.

By Jen McKenzie

About the author

Jen McKenzie is a freelance writer from New York, NY. She is fascinated by all things having to do with words, business, education and cutting-edge. When Jennifer is not busy writing, she enjoys taking long walks and spending time with her two pets Brando & Marlon. You can reach Jennifer @jenmcknzie