Idris Mootee advises on strategic innovation, applied strategic foresights, and new venture business design. He is the CEO of Idea Couture Inc., a global strategic innovation and design firm with offices in San Francisco, Toronto, Washington DC, and Shanghai. Idris partners with clients in all sectors globally to identify their highest-value innovation opportunities, address their most critical challenges, explore strategic options, and develop new-game strategies. Working with many blue chip companies, his client list includes LG, TD, AARP, Humana, Diageo, Pepsi, MIT, Liberty Mutual, Kraft, and AstraZeneca. Prior to Idea Couture, Idris was Senior VP, Global Chief Strategist at Blast Radius (WPP) working with Nike, Starbucks, AOL and BMW. Before that he was head of strategy at Organic (an OMG company), CBIZ e-solutions, and Chief Strategy Officer of Live Lower and Partners (an IPG company).

Idris has worked across the globe in many major cities including London, Milan, Boston, LA, Hong Kong, Toronto and San Francisco. He is the author of four business books (many of which have been translated in multiple languages), an avid photographer and designer. He received extensive management education from London Business School, Harvard Business School, Brunel University Graduate School, and Ivey Business School.

From Product Development Manager to Chief Innovation Officer

Do large companies need a Chief Innovation Officer? First they need to think more clearly about the range of issues they can innovate their way through and those that they cannot.