Karin has a Bachelor’s degree in media & communication. Karin has worked with information and communication in different roles, for example as editor, writer and communications manager. Her assignments have also included leading a major innovation project.



What’s your Point of View on Challenge Driven Innovation?

Challenge Driven Innovation (CDI) is an innovation framework developed by InnoCentive that accelerates traditional innovation outcomes by leveraging open innovation and crowd sourcing along with defined methodology, process, and tools to help organizations develop and implement actionable solutions to their key problems, opportunities, and challenges. We asked Dr. Frank Ermark, working with innovation portfolio management at Nokia Mobile Phones about his point of view on CDI.

Christensen and Eyring: Students Will Win When Disruption Hits Higher Education Sector

In their new book The Innovative University Clayton Christensen and Henry Eyring explore why higher education is heading for disruption. As budget deficits and healthcare costs squeeze government support for higher education, enrollments at traditional institutions will steadily shrink. This will force the education sector to major changes and the students will come out winners, as is typical when disruption reshapes an industry. InnovationManagement asked the writers to elaborate on trends in higher education and the way education is delivered to students.

How Can we Improve Creativity and Innovation Capabilities?

Get some hands on advice from this week’s expert Sven Andrén, the architect behind the Idea Management program at the Swedish MNC TetraPak. What is his take on the best way to reward employees that come up with ideas? How can we involve more employees in our idea generation? And is there a value of using different idea generation techniques or is the traditional “brainstorming technique” sufficient? Where can I find more idea generation techniques?

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Building World Class Innovation Programs

In the June issue of Harvard Business review, Intuit, the American software company, was labeled “a design-driven innovation machine.” InnovationManagement talked to Roy Rosin who was Intuit’s first innovation leader, building the company’s innovation programs and working with teams on creating new products and services.

A New Era of ‘Collaborative Advantage’

This week IM caught up with Debra Amidon to ask her views on the evolution of innovation management as a profession. Debrah first wrote about intellectual capital in 1987 and became a practitioner as ‘global innovation strategist’ long before it was in vogue. As founder of ENTOVATION International Ltd, she has managed a global network of innovation experts across 67 countries for over 2 decades. She provides us with some perspective and counsel for the future.

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Teaching Lateral Thinking to Leaders

Everyone can greatly benefit from improved lateral thinking skills, and no one more than entrepreneurs, managers and CEOs. This is exactly where motivational speaker and author, Paul Sloane focuses his energy. In this week's Hello There Paul tells IM about his experience and asks for your input on his most recent project.

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Finding Fantastic Solutions in Unexpected Places

This week IM caught up with Klaus-Peter Speidel, who has embraced open innovation in the company he co-founded - hypios, a social marketplace for solutions. Klaus-Peter tells us more about the need-oriented approach to innovation and the importance of multiplicity and open-mindedness in the idea creation process.

Developing Innovation Ecosystems Around Universities

As Vice Provost for Innovation at the University of Southern California and the Executive Director of the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation, Krisztina Holly is dedicated to helping students, academics and entrepreneurs make maximum impact with their ideas. Krisztina tells IM a bit more about her experiences.

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Making Innovation Part of Everyday Life

This week InnovationManagement spoke with Jorge Barba, innovation insurgent, blogger and Creative Strategist at the San Diego based Digital Marketing Firm Blu Maya. Read on to learn more about his experiences challenging the status quo and promoting innovation as a human process to a better tomorrow.

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