Karin has a Bachelor’s degree in media & communication. Karin has worked with information and communication in different roles, for example as editor, writer and communications manager. Her assignments have also included leading a major innovation project.



Dr. John Kapeleris on Innovation Management

This week InnovationManagement spoke with Dr. John Kapeleris, Director of Commercialisation and Deputy CEO at the Australian Institute for Commercialisation (AIC) about his views on the topic of innovation. Dr. Kapeleris explains the importance of implementing a broader innovation strategy in combination with a clear strategy and vision for innovation in order to achieve success.

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Chesbrough on Service Innovation

Henry Chesbrough has earned a worldwide reputation for his pioneering work on open innovation, influencing a generation of executives by identifying and describing the practice of innovating in collaborative groups outside the enterprise. We caught up with Henry to talk about his upcoming appearance at the European Innovation Conference and his new book.

Adam Hartung on Innovation Management

This week InnovationManagement spoke with Adam Hartung, Managing Partner of Spark Partners, a Chicago based firm focused on innovation management yielding profitable high growth for clients. Learn more about why innovation management is critically important for companies to thrive. And what are the rewards and challenges of educating leaders in innovation implementation?

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Creating Consistent Innovation Capability

This week InnovationManagement spoke with Jeffrey Phillips, VP Marketing and a lead consultant for OVO Innovation. Read more about his quest to permanently embed innovation management into the organizational structure of every company he works with and the reward of watching his clients continue with successful innovation initiatives on their own.

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Launching “The Hard Copy” of Innovation Management.se

InnovationManagement.se is proud to present “The Hard Copy” a printed version of InnovationManagement.se. The magazine will feature some of the most popular articles from the online platform including some examples of the Best Practice-articles from the Innovation Management Store. The first issue of the paper magazine will be launched in February next year.

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Learning How to Use Design Thinking

Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products, services, processes and even strategy, according to Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO. But what is design thinking? This topic was explored by 70 people in a workshop hosted by PIEp, a Swedish academia-based nationwide initiative to increase innovation capability in organizations.

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Eva Diedrichs on Innovation Management

This week InnovationManagement spoke with Eva Diedrichs, senior consultant at A.T. Kearney, Top Management Consulting. Learn more about their IMP³rove program and the rewards of helping thousands of small and medium sized enterprises, investors in innovation projects as well as the public sector find innovation success.

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Nikolaus Franke on Innovation Management

This week InnovationManagement spoke with Nikolaus Franke, Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. Find out more about his views on innovation management, what he finds exciting about working with young, innovative minds and why he believes changes are needed in the educational system in order to foster creativity.

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Students Innovating for Emerging Markets

Existing technologies, such as telecommunications, are often designed for the developed world. But an innovative focus is also urgently needed to address issues in developing countries. This is something that the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, has acted upon and is sending students to Africa with the purpose to identify needs and develop innovative solutions. Read more in this interview with Professor Margareta Norell Bergendahl.

Anders Sundelin on Innovation Management

This week InnovationManagement spoke with Anders Sundelin, VP of Business Operations at CIP Professional Services, about his views on innovation management. Read more about the satisfying process of helping companies to create and capture value in their organization and what kind of challenges arise in this line of work.

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The Best Time to Innovate is all the Time

This week InnovationManagement spoke with Idris Mootee - worldwide strategic innovation advisor and CEO of the global strategic innovation and design firm, Idea Couture Inc. Read more about his views on innovation management and why he’s passionate about transforming large, complex, even successful organizations into innovative organizations.

IP Strategy in the Innovation Process

This week InnovationManagement spoke with Jackie Hutter, Chief Intellectual Property Strategist of The Hutter Group LLC about her perspective and experiences with innovation management. Learn more about how and when IP counseling should enter into the innovation process (if at all) and what exciting new technological projects are in the works.

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Scott Anthony on Innovation Management

This week InnovationManagement spoke to Scott Anthony, leading innovation expert, author and Managing Director of Innosight Ventures. Learn more about what he finds inspiring in the field of innovation management, what can be improved, and finally what projects and challenges he is currently working on.

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