Libbi Williams is an Analyst at Culturevate, providing industry tailored research and innovation-centric training materials for our clients. Libbi has worked in consultative and coordination capacities for various organizations across sectors, including the United Nations Development Programme, The University of Chicago and the U.S. House of Representatives. She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Management at New York University. Her professional interests include organizational effectiveness, innovation and knowledge management. She enjoys cooking for friends, traveling, and constantly learning.

The Urgent Intrapreneur Opportunity: An Introduction for Corporate Leaders

The power and freedom that entrepreneurs and their startups embody is reinforced through a constant stream of media highlighting success, purpose and (mostly bullsh*t) bucolic work environments. As the global economy improves, business leaders of established corporate organizations need to consider how they can introduce an entrepreneurial spirit. Intrapreneurs are the answer, and this article provides a high level overview.

Untapping Hidden Value: A New Partnership Model for Corporate Knowledge Management and Innovation Functions

In the current business environment, defined by some as the ‘Knowledge Age’, leadership interest is increasingly focused on Innovation and Knowledge Management development efforts. To date, these functions often operate along parallel, yet discrete, paths. As organizations seek new areas of growth, while further cutting costs there is an increasing need to build more effective partnerships in order to ensure ongoing success and drive additional business value.