Mélanie Beauregard is a team leader with 20 years of management experience in manufacturing companies, large and small. She provides companies with tools and skills to deliver their strategic plan or innovation.

After completing her MBA in Business Management at Université Laval in 2002, Mélanie quickly turned to product management and she went on to complete her training in product management and development, project management, market analysis and performance indicators with the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) by obtaining the New Product Development Professional (NPDP) certification in 2007.

In 2011 she built on her strengths with program management, portfolio and organisation by leading and contributing to the programs and project offices. To get more tools and to ensure the performance of the programs she has to deliver, Melanie has successfully completed her Green Belt Lean Six-Sigma certification in 2018.

Her experience in multidisciplinary team management allows her to mobilize teams, structure tasks and define roles so that everyone understands expectations and contributes to the height of their abilities while learning!

Recognized for her empathetic leadership, her ability to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently, and by bringing innovative business models, Melanie has contributed to the success of many product development and partnership projects, optimizing internal processes and clarifying roles in order to achieve the goals entrusted to her.

How to Select Your Best Value Innovation Project – The Secret is in a Well-Managed Product Project Portfolio!

Innovation is on everyone's lips as a solution to post-COVID economic recovery. The world of innovation has a very broad definition: It’s often referred to as an information technology innovation... but our worldwide economy is still very reliant on manufacturing. How you select your best innovation project is undoubtedly a starting point!