Mike Pinder is a Senior Innovation Consultant at Board of Innovation, helping Fortune 500 companies all over the World to innovate like startups: from innovation strategy to design thinking, lean startup, through to business model innovation, corporate venturing and intrapreneurship. Programs include talent development, long-term innovation cultural transformation, capability building, design sprints, innovation accelerators, bootcamps, train-the-trainer (and much more) with cross-industry focus for both B2B and B2C clients.

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He-Man can Teach You Powerful Lessons about how to Successfully Manage Continuous Innovation

The whiplash journey of Mattel’s beloved kids’ toy range perfectly sums up the fundamentals and key challenges of managing continuous, successful corporate innovation.

Effectively shifting gears between the different phases of the Innovation Pipeline

Adventurous as the word innovation may sound, an innovation consultant’s job consists for a large part in de-risking the innovation process. In order for innovation to be a viable undertaking for any company, the outcomes of the innovation need to be maximized, while the risk involved needs to be contained as much as possible.