Steve Osborne is the founder and MD of Osborne Pike, a branding and packaging design agency that specialises in telling brand stories through packaging and other user interfaces. In his mission to help clients build ‘brands you can believe in’, he explores how new technologies can unlock the codes that are already built into packaging. He is also a self-confessed packaging geek who spends a lot of time in supermarkets around the world, looking for great designs which, in his view, ‘pull you in with the sheer power of their storytelling’. His reports of those that do, and those that don’t, can be found in his regular blog ‘Shelf Life’.



Packaging Innovation in the Digital Age: a Smarter User Interface?

Packaging is already a concentrated form of brand communication, expertly coded by designers using form, materials, colors and symbols to tell a brand story; or to make an innovation approachable and understandable. Now that packaging is becoming part of the digital revolution, how can we best enhance its communication potential?