How Open Innovation Can Help Firms During the Downturn

The benefits of open innovation during the current economic downturn have only recently been analyzed. Henry Chesbrough and Andrew Garman have recently published a Harvard Business Review article (June) on this. Wim Vanhaverbeke, Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Hasselt University, Belgium, provides some additional benefits when companies apply open innovation in a downturn, which has not been mentioned in the HBR-article.

Adapting the venture capital model to corporate innovation

One of the recurring themes in Gary Hamel's excellent new book, The Future of Management, is the idea that companies tend to overinvest in the past at the expense of the future. Often, promising new ideas are starved for funding, or are unfairly held to the same metrics as well-established billion-dollar business units. Isn't there some way to set resources free within larger organizations, Hamel asks?

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