Asger DaugbjergAsger Daugbjerg is Business Director of Monday Morning (, a leading Scandinavian think tank. Monday Morning helps government agencies and public as well as private sector leaders to turn risks into new opportunities by supplying new insights, information and perspectives on key agendas in society. This includes Innovation, Leadership, Climate Change, Green Business and New Growth. Asger Daugbjerg, MBA, MSc, has worked for almost 25 years in advertising and consultancy, focusing on developing and implementing business/brand/communication strategies for clients around the world. He has worked in both Europe and Asia, assisting clients to build strong brands and navigate in highly competitive markets.


Public Sector Innovation: An immense opportunity

Most Western European countries are struggling with fundamental, long term issues, e.g. an ageing workforce; downward pressure on public sector budgets and increasing demands from citizens, to which Danish learning could be applied.

Ideas management: What if there are no ideas?

‘Innovation starts from the top’ is a frequently used phrase; but there are many steps involved in a successful innovation strategy. What unfortunately I too often see, and in many organizations, is a huge gap between top management thinking and the understanding in the rest of the organization about innovation. Everybody might agree that innovation is important in principle. They might even be in agreement about the particular process that could bring new ideas to fruition, and implement new thinking in an innovation. This is all fine – but what if there are no new ideas?