Giorgos Aspiotis, Innovation Technology Consultant, Seven Sigma P.C.

George Aspiotis has an academic background in Computer Science (University of Piraeus, Department of Informatics). He has a sound knowledge of several programming languages and systems (C#, C++, Python, bash, ORMs, SQL dialects and RDBMSs etc.) and experience in their utilization for developing and testing software platforms, applications, and tools (full stack development). Working for Seven Sigma as a Software Engineer & Consultant, his main tasks involve digital solutions development (custom software and web applications development, system testing, marketing content creation, analytics and planning), IT systems support and software solutions consulting.

Breaking the Innovation Stereotypes: The Case of Curry Express

We often hear about the concept of innovation and its importance in enhancing the competitiveness of an organization---however, the excessive use of this term has distorted its true meaning and content.