Jim Brown, Founder and President of Tech-Clarity, Inc., is a recognized expert in software solutions for manufacturers and has 20 years of experience in application software, management consulting and industry research focused on the manufacturing industries.
Jim founded Tech-Clarity Inc. in 2002. Since that time, Jim has served in a research and analyst role partnering with other analyst firms including, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), The PLM Evaluation Center and AMR Research. Additionally, Jim established Aberdeen Group’s Product Innovation & Engineering Practice after they acquired Tech-Clarity in 2005 and subsequently served as VP and Group Director for Aberdeen’s PLM and Manufacturing Industry Research Practices.

In 2008, Jim established Tech-Clarity “2.0” to continue his mission to make the value of technology clear to business in the Web 2.0 era. Jim is an experienced author and public speaker and enjoys the opportunity to participate in conferences about improving business performance through software technology.


Busting the Myths about Innovation Management Software

Why is business innovation such a mystery? I think too many CEOs sign off on large R&D budgets and then cross their fingers and hope to see some real innovation come out of the black box. Why does innovation stand in such stark contrast from other facets of business that are managed and improved? Why don’t we apply proven management techniques such as lean and six sigma to innovation?

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7 Tips to Speed Time to Innovation

This article delves into the goals every organization should work toward to boost product development performance, looks at how these goals further a product organizations ability to bring innovative products to market, and outlines the ways that a Product Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution helps companies reach these goals.