Nikos Kokkinoplitis, Innovation Management Consultant, Seven Sigma P.C.

Nikos Kokkinoplitis has a BSc from the Department of Management Science & Technology of Athens University of Economics and Business, specializing in Information Systems & Electronic Commerce. Further to his exceptional academic performance, he boasts significant volunteer activity in the area of multicultural event planning, as well as important distinctions in business idea competitions. His main research interests comprise Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Information Systems. During his studies, he worked at Seven Sigma P.C, on the design and implementation of the digital strategy of the company, while he also developed innovation roadmaps for several enterprises. He has also worked as Research Assistant at ELTURN, an E-Business Research Center, where he participated -amongst others- in doctoral research in the field of Business Analytics and co-organized a brainstorming workshop for executives of a large multinational enterprise. To finish his degree, he interned as a Cloud Applications Consultant at ORACLE S.A., performing requirements analyses and configuring Customer Experience Cloud Applications. After his graduation he served as an Army Aviation Soldier in the 2nd Group of Army Aviation at Megara Attikis, where he organized and conducted a seminar on Innovation Management that was attended by the officers of the airport. Currently he works as an Innovation Management Consultant at Seven Sigma P.C. In 2019 he participated in a study on behalf of the European Space Agency, for the identification of user requirements in the Greek maritime sector that can be benefited from space assets. Also, in 2020 he participated in a Program Development Study for the development of an International Food Incubator and Innovation Center in Greece.

Breaking the Innovation Stereotypes: The Case of Curry Express

We often hear about the concept of innovation and its importance in enhancing the competitiveness of an organization---however, the excessive use of this term has distorted its true meaning and content.