So You Think You Know Your Competitors? Think Again.

A brand-new car sold by a vending machine and a robot that brings in the laundry - in this article, we'll explore how to prepare for new competitors entering the market.

Healthy and Sustainable Tourism

In a global world, we can travel for leisure to practically any part of any country, if we have the money and the time. Our expectations of how, where and why we travel continue to change as technology allows us to plan, connect, share and experience destinations in new ways. Yet, travel brings with it health risks for us and increased risk of disease spread. Emerging technologies also signal new ways of thinking about tourism, and the potential to allow us to have rich, immersive tourist experiences without leaving home - with the added benefit of reducing health risks.

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Dark Tourism Emergent

Two recent events – one a corruption tour, the other the opening of a new academic institute- appear to extend and change the nature of what has become known as ‘dark tourism’- an interest in death and the macabre. New technology will continue to expand the potential offer of dark tourism; it may also do for politics and corruption, what eco-tourism has done for awareness of the environment.

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