Cities and Innovation: A Zen Perspective

This article applies a perspective derived from Zen philosophy to issues of life and innovation within cities. Two major, holistic realms of urban existence are identified—the socio-economic and the ecological. These two spheres do not always coexist in a state of mutually sustainable balance and urban well-being.

How Big Data is Optimizing City-Life Efficiency

A city without traffic jams seems like a far-fetched dream that most people would not even believe in. Many would say the same about air pollution as well since breathing in clean and fresh air in the cities is something that most have not really experienced. Well, you might be surprised, but big data could be the solution to all of these problems that modern cities face.

5 Ways To Prepare Your Business For The Future

Thanks largely to rapidly expanding technologies, planning for the future is more important than ever in business. With thorough preparation and some strategic initiative, your business can position itself to take advantage of some of the inevitable changes that are on the horizon for companies across all industries. Here are five ways to get started.

The Power of Art in Place

Major catastrophic events aside, we are and will continue to be an urban planet; by 2030 60% of us will live in cities. Ensuring that those cities are economically successful, liveable and functional will enhance human health and wellbeing; pleasant places is becoming a focus of research, technological investment and policy discussions on a grand scale. Art and artistic endeavour in all its guises, from major public works to small scale neighbourhood schemes, will also have a major role to play in creating attractive places and economic vitality.

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