This article provides a reflexion on how employees innovative mindset could benefit corporation business processes, hence, their results

All the corporations we know probably have somethig in common… their most precious assets are their processes.

With top management stablishment of business model through their mission, vision and strategy is time for business processes to make things happen thanks to a virtuous combination of people, technology and tasks.

In spite of the fact business process management is a deeply stimulating topic for me, I am not planning to describe the tools & techniques that can be used to define, analyze and optimize them. This time I look forward to provide some insights on the items that compose the “process anatomy” and whether being put in the innovation pipeline our corporation can benefit of a revenue boost.

  • Executive Strategy Innovation

Why not ???  If we are claiming our middle-management and employees to  develop an innovative mindset our executives should also go for that….   In current difficult times where short terms results are being seeked, entrepeneur executives with the willingness to promote the change will be the ones better prepared for more settled times.

  • Process Inputs Innovation

This is the set of material or data that is transformed into output by the process. An innovation pipeline could clearly work here to look for more efficient materials to be used or, in scenarios where input availability is key, innovate CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment) activities.

  • Process Outputs Innovation

The result of process execution is an output that sometimes will be used as an input for other process and some other times will be the final product/service that our corporation is delivering to market.

For the final market output innovation there is a lot of literature that you can find in and no need to repeat here.

On the other hand, there is a lot of work to be done in internal outputs innovation and it could be a good exercise to apply popular techniques like Crowdsourcing, Brainstorming, Co-creation and Open Innovation in our company.

  • Technology Innovation

The usage of technology in our process is needed so as to keep minimum levels of perfomance and optimization and seems a bit naif to extinct technology , anyway, there is a lot of room to use the better technology at the better place and with the better cost/benefit ratio.

Does your company invest on R&D ???  In negative case you will surely lose opportunities to identify opportunities that maximize processes technological optimization, therefore, lose opportunities to improve P&L results.

  • People Innovation

I intencionally left this for the end of the article….  people, people, people….  processes can only work if suitable people is looking after them, and of course, is focused to optimize processes by means of creative and innovative contributions.

Does your company hold the suitable Innovation framework that allow good ideas to be put in practice over business processes ???  Are your processes owners engaged with innovation iniatives and willing to embrace the change ???  Is your recruiting strategy bringing talent capable to influence processes health by means of innovative participation ????

Probably those questions are the key ones to be first replied and in case of negative responses inmediately open a resolution workstream….  without suitable people our business processes are under serious threat.

I hope you find this article useful and do not hesitate to post any contributions so as to keep sharing ideas.

Allow me to share my G+ credentials in case you are interested to explore deeper that new application and build a sort of innovation discussion thread.