At the core of every successful business lies innovation. This innovation, however, doesn’t always have to be of internal nature in the form of a new product or an upgraded service in order to have a spectacular effect on your brand’s success.

In fact, some of the finest inventions of the tech world have impacted every industry out there, and small businesses are no exception. With artificial intelligence and VR taking the world by storm, it’s no wonder that these and other majestic innovations have found their way into the world of web development, and consequently into the growth path of every small business looking to grow larger.

Without further ado, let’s look into several of the most notable innovative solutions the web development sphere has seen recently that will change the course for small businesses world-wide. This is also your opportunity to see how you can infuse them into your own brand approach and dazzle your customers in the aim to get more brand awareness and more visibility.

Adding another layer to reality

The idea of VR is certainly not a new one, even when it comes to implementing it into the world or web development. However, with better internet connections sprouting across the globe, more businesses coming up with smarter, more seamless website designs, it’s only natural that the use of VR will help skyrocket customer engagement and inspire more exposure for businesses that master its use. Fashion brands are a great example – pretty much anyone you don’t recognize on the global runways is considered small, but their impact can be massive with the right level of digital innovation.

By using VR, fashion brands can increase the level of interaction between the business and their clients. We are seeing a growth in virtual fashion stores enabled by the use of the right cutting-edge software, while online avatars can help every customer decide whether a certain garment would fit in case of a purchase. Talk about personalizing a shopping experience in the online realm with the help of reshaping reality.

Data-driven performance boosters

Web development today has to be more data-driven than ever, since even the finest of details in web design can impact skyrocketing your abandoned cart rates or attracting hundreds of shoppers from around the globe to your site. However, for markets that are rapidly growing such as Australia, with so much competition in every industry, brands now more than ever need to use real-time information to fuel their decisions and impact long-term results.

As an example, implementing cPanel hosting in Australia has become the best way to tap into customer-driven data, as these intuitive platforms allow you access to metrics that shape your website performance. Not to mention security questions that every small business needs to address, where cPanel usage comes in very handy with the many built-in features that allow you to have better control of the inner workings of your website. If your customers feel your website is safe to use, rest assured that visit numbers will soar.

AI for smarter communication

Innovation strives to bring abundance in every sense of the word, but the one quality that the modern customer lacks precisely due to fast innovation is patience – and we’re having less of it by the minute. How does this affect web development, you ask? Well, the sheer ability to access information without delay means that new, small businesses need to keep up with this rather head-spinning pace in order to compete in this ever-growing market.

The wait time for a pending customer inquiry should be literally brought down to zero. With the help of the right AI-driven chatbots, this has now become a reality for the vast majority of growth-oriented companies. In addition to cutting down the waiting time for your customers and allowing them to have their questions answered immediately, your chatbots also serve to collect and analyze data regarding on-site customer behavior that will help you adapt your strategies and address common pain points. By integrating AI into your web design, you’ll help your business be at the very forefront of modern innovation.

One-page websites front and center

A significant portion of modern-day web development hides in modern web design solutions that impact brand visibility to a great extent. These solutions help search engines like your web presence more, and they make it simpler for your users and visitors to experience your brand without any glitches and confusion. This level of creative minimalism in web development is best seen in one-page websites that are becoming more popular by the day.

Ease of navigation combined with fast loading and impeccable visual design makes it all the more appealing for the modern customer to peruse a one-page site compared to its multi-page predecessors. You’ll notice that this approach may not be perfect for every industry out there, especially those that offer a wide selection of products – but for those who can apply this principle, the benefits are endless.

While innovation is truly a necessity in every way, shape, and form for modern companies, staying informed on the latest tech trends in the realm of web development means that your business can become a competitive one in its niche. Make sure to give your business that advantage and use the various wonderful innovations the web world has in store for you.

By Emma Miller

About the author

Emma Miller is a digital marketer and blogger from Sydney. After getting a marketing degree she started working with Australian startups on business and marketing development. Emma writes for many relevant, industry related online publications and does a job of an Executive Editor at Bizzmark blog and a guest lecturer at Melbourne University. Interested in marketing, startups and latest business trends.

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